Rotatable Beehive

Introducing an amazing innovation for sideline and hobby beekeepers.  In 1852, Langstroth patented  removable frames that advanced beekeeping worldwide. In 2013, Royalty Hives introduces a rotatable  beehive that will open the world of beekeeping to individuals with physical challenges. These new bee hives will extend years of enjoyment to the lives of current beekeepers. Anyone who appreciates easy access, no heavy lifting, less time, and work to carry out routine inspection will enjoy these hives.


No Heavy Lifting
Easy access for inspection
Easy rotation of frames
More natural brood area
Honey production
Nucleus hive sales
Queen production


Queen Hardware Kit with Plans
Now Available!

$ 235 + tax & shipping

 Kit includes:Queen rotatable bee hive kit

  • 6 hinges
  • 6 draw latches
  • 2 Queen excluded
  • Free standing stand with manual rotatable mechanisms & latch pins
  • metal roof

( NO Wood , glue or screws with kits )
Ship immediately upon payment. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for hardware kit
delivery. Read important use information…

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